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Athletic Hall of Honor
Outstanding Sportsmanship, Character, and Integrity
Athletic Hall of Honor

DHS Athletic Hall of Honor Creed

The Dickinson High School Athletic Hall of Honor Award has been given to individuals who have rendered outstanding service to Dickinson High School in the field of athletics. This award is limited to lettermen who graduated and coaches or officials of the Dickinson High School Athletic Department. The selection of these Honorees has been made to promote excellence in the athletics program by recognizing their contribution while associated with Dickinson High School.

In addition to their outstanding record in the field of athletics, each Honoree possesses other qualifications that in the opinion of the Selection Committee make that person worthy of the award such as outstanding sportsmanship, character, and integrity. These individuals have brought great distinction to Dickinson High School and the community.

Hall of Honor Members

Class of 2000
Kris Annexstad, 1978
Dennis Cook, 1981
Eddie Hall, 1960
Sonny Heckendorn, 1966
Donnie Little, 1978
Jimmy Mackey, 1948
Mike Mackey, 1978
Robert Taylor, 1971
Johnny Torres, 1994
Andre Ware, 1986
Wayne Williams, 1955
Class of 2001
Laddie Franks, 1949
Robert Gerasimowicz, 1969
Dwayne Holmes, 1981
Ronnie Jenkins, 1970
Doug Reid, Coach
Glenn Swindell, 1956
Class of 2002
Hal Dues, 1973
Jeff LaFleur, 1978
Lewis Little, 1969
Paul Warren, 1981
Calvin Whitfield, 1984
Class of 2003
Karen Walker Beuchaw, 1970
Teddy Gray, Coach
Ronald "Pookie" Hall, 1980
Kenny Payne, 1974
Murphy Yates, 1987
Class of 2004
Preston Bullard, 1952
Stephen Holmes, 1983
Ryan Walter, 1993
Vincent Wydermeyer, 1983
"Dub" Farris, Coach
Class of 2005
Derrick Small, 1995
Leo Bookman, 2000
Kathleen Baldwin Bruysschaard, 1974
Cari Teague Pease, 1998
Leon Thomas, 1955
Class of 2006
Darrell Barbo, 1967
Joe Gregory, 1978
Van Johnson, 1970
Kenneth Woods, 1966
Marvin "Red" Griffith, 1949
Class of 2007
Brad Adams, 1971
Victor Baker, 1978
Harvey Criswell, 1975
Shatona "Toni" Johnson, 1995
CiCi Anderson, 2001
Brian Rollins 1983
Class of 2008
Herschel Hughes, 1956
Bill Cary, 1978
Tim Gray, 1979
Tina Robinson Sandoval, 1993
Kati Broom, 2002
Class of 2009
Wilfred Leining, 1947
Johnny Lee, 1966
Ronald Bimage, 1974
Bart Robinson, 1997
Class of 2010
Judy Gray, 1971
Marcus Nalepa, 1989
LouCille Scoggins, Coach

Class of 2011
Jacquelyn Schulte-Rodriquez, 2002
Christie Feliz-Miller, 2004


Class of 2012
Amanda Marshall Spencer, 1995
Class of 2013
Michelle Gray Chandler, 1976
Carl Barnett, Jr. 2005
Class of 2014
Lisa Jackson Manis, 1990
Derek Thompson, 1993
Justin Wilson, 2004
Chili Whitfield Courage Award
Charles Whitfield, 1978

If you know of a deserving former DHS athlete that you would like to nominate for consideration by the DHS Athletic Hall of Honor Committe, please send an email to Mike Mackey at mike@mackeymechanical.com or Karen Walker Beuchaw at karen@tximg.com.  Please include the nominee's athletic accomplishments in High School (and College accomplishments, if this applies).



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